Anyone else using a J-Link with Qt Creator?
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Timur Kristóf
2018-08-23 16:00:25 UTC
Hi guys,

I have a J-Link (from Silicon Labs) which I use with Qt Creator's bare
metal plugin to program an EFM32 microcontroller. Basically I use the
same setup as those NRF guides show, the only difference is that I'm
running it on Linux.

I start JLinkGDBServer like this:
JLinkGDBServer -strict -endian little -if swd -device EFM32WG940F256 -speed 10000 -localhostonly -halt -vd -ir -port 7003

My bare metal GDB setup is like this:
host: localhost
port: 7003
init commands: load
reset commands: reset

This has worked pretty well in the near past, but these days I have to
restart JLinkGDBServer after every debugging session, or otherwise it
will freeze along with the MCU. Not sure if this is a defect in the J-
Link software or the Qt Creator bare metal plugin.

Does anyone else use Qt Creator for embedded development? If so, what
does your setup look like? Do you experience similar issues?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Best regards,