What's the recommended way to update Android Templates
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2018-11-05 20:13:11 UTC
Creating Android Templatesit seems, they depend from QtC Version:

per ex QtC 4.7.2 uses Gradle 3.2.0,

QtC 4.7.1 uses Gradle 2.2.3 and some older projects I have are using
Gradle 1.1.0

I created Templates in Qt 5.12 with Creator 4.7.2 and they are also
working in Qt.5.11.2 and Creator 4.7.1
so it seems you can use the newest one on older Qt/QtC versions ?

But HowTo deal with Template-Updates ?

always using the newest one ?

and what about the Android Manifest ? Create Templates and overwrite (to
see what Qt has changed) and re-enter your changes ?

didn’t found any documentation on this

thx for any hints

2018-11-06 10:03:25 UTC
There is no magic way to update them!
Usually I'm using "Create Template" button from QtCreator.
QtCreator will ask you which files you want to override, here you can
pick only gradle files.
Again, personally I'm overriding all of them and then I'm using git to
see what's missing from the new files.
Hi BogDan,

that's exactly how I'm doing it.

would you recommend always to update to the newest files ?

Markus Maier
2018-11-07 07:22:09 UTC
Hi ekke, Hi Bogdan,

I understand the need to copy the android manifest to the project for
modifying it - this is what I also do.

What I don't do is copy any other files from the Android templates like the
gradle files. What is your usecase for copying these files, or better said:
what do you modify in these files for your projects?

Best regards
ekke gentz
2018-11-07 07:27:42 UTC
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